Blogging Break Alert

Just want to let everyone know I’ll be taking an almost two-week internet break (e-mail and blogging) and so won’t be able to answer comments or e-mails during this period. I have posts that, through the magic of WordPress scheduler, will be published during the break and I’ll also leave comments open all around – […]


So What Happens When a Blogger Reaches the Wall? (She Writes a New Door.)

Blogging is a baby bird whose gaping mouth cries endlessly for more. Even as I hit “publish” I often already hear swirling whispers of my next post.  Hey…I hear them now and I don’t even know exactly what this one will say yet. I love this blog and I love my readers. But some days, […]


Tools for Job Seekers: U.S. Dept of Labor Challenge

Update: Voting is closed now. Thank you for all your help!! I just submitted Work Coach Cafe to the U. S. Department of Labor’s Tools for America’s Job Seekers Challenge. Basically it’s a database that will list sites from all over the United States to help people with their job search. I know the Cafe […]