Announcing New Work Coach Cafe Career Dictionary and Job Search Forum!

Proudly announcing two new features for the Work Coach Cafe! The first new feature is a still growing Work Coach Cafe career dictionary offering definitions for career and social media terms. But it’s much more than a dictionary – it’s a career resource with expanded definitions, mini-posts and personal tangents as well as a few fun finds:

Career Dictionary

(click on link above)

The second feature is a Job Search Support Forum where you can share your thoughts and stories, read what others have to say, and find support & ideas from people going through similar things related to job search, interviews, or career in general. Even if you just need to get something off your chest about your job, boss, coworker or the whole crazy-making hiring process, this is the place:

Work Coach Cafe Job Search Support Forum

(click on link above)

Please enjoy! ~ Ronnie Ann


  1. Congratulations, Ronnie Ann!

    This is great! I look forward to dropping in for great conversation with career professionals and career seekers.


  2. Thank you so much, Shahrzad! I worry I may have started the forum off with too many topics to spur good discussion. I welcome suggestions from you and everyone as to how to make this work best.

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  3. hi ronnie ann! stumbled upon your blog via blogher. just love your site. there’s so many things i’ve learned here.

  4. Sounds great. Congratulations. Without a question, this is the best job/career/advice/shoulder to lean on blog ever. Really, everything else either sucks or just insults you left and right. You feel genuine warmth in here from you and from now growing members. I think forum format is great… we all can have an identity and some sense of family and friendship as well.

  5. Kudos to your 2 great additions. 🙂 Hope there is something we all can contribute to help as many people as possible.

    Karen, The Resume Chick (on Google or Twitter if you need me)

  6. Maria: Thank you so much. It’s comments like yours that make my day!

    Jonny: You have added so much to this blog and the warm nature of the community. I wish you all the best in your new job! They are really lucky to get you.

    Karen: I’m honored by your support already on Twitter. Thank you!! Things are moving slowly…although I know that’s how good things often start. If you or anyone has suggestions on how to make it easier for people to contribute or encourage participation, please let me know. I think once it gets going, it will develop its own personality. Can’t wait to see who the new baby looks like! 😉

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  7. Ronnie Ann:
    Really nice work! You are bringing job seekers and to-be job seekers great and valuable information with your forum!

  8. You know… I think most people, myself included, are now used to and prefer the pre-existing “comments” and “posts” format rather than the “forum” format. And it really isn’t all that difficult to navigate around it at all as you can see. And all the goodies of posts don’t have to get deleted either if you keep the previous format. Thanks for this blog and the old format. Thanks. And for those who don’t know… I have waited & endured over 3 months of job hunting repertoire for that final job offer so there always is hope.

  9. Thanks Career Sherpa! Appreciate your comment. I’m so glad you found this blog. Looking forward to your visits!

    Hi Jonny! Another visitor who always brings a smile to my face – and also one of our success stories for the value of practicing patience…and then practicing it some more. 😉

    Thanks for the kind words. Please feel free to visit our new Open Forum and share whatever you feel like sharing with us!

    ~ Ronnie Ann

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