How Often Should I Call an Employer After My Interview?

In a recent exchange of comments on How to Tell If a Job Interview Went Well, the subject of how soon and how often to call an employer after the interview came up. One of my wonderful readers, CE (who recently got a job herself), was helping comfort someone anxiously waiting to hear whether she got the job.

Speaking specifically to the question of how often to call, CE wrote:

I once got a job because the hiring manager said they would hire me if I quit calling them all the time. They said I was persistent, and they hired me! While I wouldn’t recommend that to anyone, I would recommend that you call the prospective employer back to check on the status. Anyone else agree with this or do you have another opinion?

Glad you asked, CE. I covered this a while back in After an Interview: Can Weekly Follow Up Calls and Emails Help Get You the Job? But since this question comes up so often, I figured it was worth discussing post-interview follow-ups again in a new post.

What You Need to Know about Post-Interview Follow Ups

Here’s a quick summary of salient points I hope will help ease at least some of the waiting pain:

  • Thank you notes are a great first follow-up step. While I have hired folks who never sent one, it is a good positive initial follow-up contact and leaves a nice impression.  (Although there was one time when it didn’t.)
  • Show you have patience and professionalism by waiting at least a week – or better yet two (depending on the type of job) – before you follow-up after the thank you note.
  • When you do follow up, make it short and sweet unless you have something new and relevant to add – and keep that short too.
  • Some of the very folks you are waiting to hear back from get over a hundred e-mails a day – many requiring immediate action – so if they don’t respond right away (or at all)…it’s NOT about you.
  • Some companies take weeks just to interview the first round of candidates – plus there are internal decision-making processes that take lots of time.
  • Some companies have policies about not responding at all to follow-up contacts (there are legal implications such as when responses are misconstrued by the candidate), and so these companies wait instead until an offer was made and accepted. Again this is not about YOU.
  • After the thank you and additional follow-up, wait at least 2 weeks before checking your status again – unless they tell you to call on a specific date or to just wait until they get back to you.
  • If there is even a chance you might get the job, the employer remembers you – really! If there’s no chance…no amount of calling will help, and it may hurt your chances next time there’s an opening. So please resist trying to remind them every few days. There’s a fine line between persistence and stalking!

Hope that helps. Feel free to add your own thoughts about follow-up frequency.  And thanks again CE and all my other readers who so kindly pitch in to help those with the post-interview OCD blues.

And last but definitely not least…congratulations on your new job CE!  I’m happy to report she’s not the only reader who has recently gotten a job. There is indeed light at the end of the long interview tunnel! ;-)

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About the author…

Ronnie Ann, founder of Work Coach Cafe, bases her real-world advice on her many years as an organizational consultant where she helped interview and hire people, added to a certificate from NYU in Career Planning & Development and her own adventures as a serial job seeker. She can also be found on her new blog, and on Google+.


  1. Hello Chandlee ,

    I recently had a job interview and it’s for a cosmetic line. The employer said that she was very interested in having me on board and seeing how things go from there. The interview went well and she told me it would take her by the end of the week to let me know – if not by the end of the day. The interview was on Thursday, Sep 13. I’m wondering what steps I should take next. Would it be wise to call her and ask what the status of the process is? If so, what’s a good and precise way of asking so?

    Thank you,

    • Sophie,

      It almost always takes longer than you think for an offer to be extended. I recommend waiting until Wednesday and then following up — reiterate your interest and offer to provide additional information if they’d like that. If you haven’t sent a thank you note yet to simply follow up, you should do that now!

      Good luck and all the best,

  2. Asking status is good thing if you want to ask status of your job then i think that it is good thing but you have to ready to hear there answer because it will come in negative or positive and at last good luck for your interview result….:)

    • Hi Ahmad,

      I agree that — if you decide to follow up with an employer and check on your interviewing status — you need to prepare to hear the outcome even if it is not one in your favor.

      Thanks for sharing your input.


  3. Hello,

    I am in a dilemma. More than three weeks ago I received a call from a well known pharmaceutical company showing their interest. I went through a few screening, such as video interview, phone interview, an IQ exam, and a background check. I was told he would give me a call in a wk when he has the interview dates available (should have been last week). He did not call me, so I decided to call when the week was up and was very professional. I stated who I was and that I understood he was busy therefore decided to take it on myself to call. He was very friendly and stated that they were having some managers shift departments and have not set up interview days yet. He thanked me for the follow up and promised he would call next wk (this wk) to let me know of updates. Today is exactly a wk since the last time I called for an update and have yet to hear from him. I am getting very anxious.

    Should I be persistent and call again? Or email? Or will I be too annoying and too aggressive?!?!

    P.S. this is for a pharmaceutical sales rep position.

    Please help


    • Dear Angelic,
      First advice which i would like to give you is that please don’t do anything aggressive because it will put your image negative in front of them.
      Just call them and ask friendly about the interview date asking anything is not bad thing.

      Best Wishes
      Ahmad Khan

      • Ahmad,

        Thanks for sharing your opinion. As you can see, we have slightly different opinions on this one…

        All the Best,

    • Hi Angelica,

      If you are — or are aiming to be — a pharmaceutical sales rep, you need to demonstrate those sales skills. And one way to do that is to follow up. I recommend calling within the next three business days. If you don’t get him the first time, don’t leave a message. Just wait a while and then call!

      Good luck and all the best,

      • Thank you Chandlee.

        I agree with you. The trick is with this type of position they are looking for an aggressive and persistant character to fit this type of industry. Becasue, I did the follow up last week, I was hesitant to call again this week. But, I do agree with you opinion and I will be calling by Tuesday of next week. This way, I dont seem to be too aggressive, yet I am proving that I am respectably persistant.

        Thanks Again.


        • Angelica,

          Sounds like a plan. Keep us posted, and continue to apply for other opportunities as well. We want you to have as many options as possible.

          Good luck and all the best,

  4. p.s. I just received a call for an offer from another firm (not my preference) to begin with them. The deal there is I first am required to pass an exam, which takes approximately one month to study for, after which I am made an official offer. But I have to register through them for this exam. Anyway, I said I’ll come in but I think this is more reason to call the original firm and let them know I’ve been offered a position.

    • Hi Taha,

      Being offered another job is a PERFECT time to follow up — and let them know that you are still most interested in their job. Don’t ask them to tell you on the spot, give them a ballpark on when you need to tell the other company. (You could always say three or four days before decision time.)

      Good luck and keep us posted,

  5. Hi Chandlee,

    So I did as you suggested and guess what, I got a call back 2 hours later with an offer! Just filled out the background check forms and if all goes well, I begin on Tuesday. I told them an offer was made last night and I wanted to let them know about, since working at this firm was my original intention. They were very happy I called and said that the timing could not have been better, as they were just discussing when to offer me the position.

    Two questions: How do I decline the original offer given? And I am still getting called for an interviews (one tomorrow in fact)… how should I go about that process. Should I stop at this point? I am just wary in case something with during my checks don’t go through (although I doubt any situation should come up).


    • Hi Taha,

      Congratulations! What wonderful news.

      If at all possible, wait to decline the offers and still keep in touch on interviews — until you have the final written offer from the company and know that you’ve cleared all the hurdles!

      All the very best,

  6. Kathy Ciaciulli says:


    I applied for a position on 8/6 and was called on 9/13 for my first interview on 9/19. The interview went well and I recieved a call on 9/21 to come in for a second interview, whcih was on 9/28. The Following Monday, October 1, one of my references said that she received an email reference check. She immediately filled it out and returned it. On Thursday, I noticed that my second reference had not responded, so I contacted him and found out he was out that week (this week I also found out that he is out sick). I emailed the potential employer on Thursday, letting them know that my second reference was not in the office and if I could add a third reference. They accepted and sent out an email to my third reference immediately. My third reference did not reply until Monday, Oct 8th. How long should I wait before contacting them.

    Also, on their website I am able to check the status of my application and there’s an area that states application for closed or filled jobs and its empty. Could I assume that if they made a decision that my status would be moved from current to the application for closed or filled jobs?

    Thank you for your help.

    • Hi Kathy,

      It may be nerve wracking but I would not assume the position has been filled. Sometimes job listings are taken down immediately after they have finished the interviewing process. I recommend giving it until October 15 and then following up accordingly via email or phone.

      Good luck and please keep us posted.


  7. Hi,
    It seems there is a bit of good fortune one this thread so I will put my situation out there. I did an in person interview on 9/24 and a follow up phone interview with the next level boss on 9/27. I felt like it went really great, especially with the phone interview. He basically said I was a good fit and that he was definitely considering offering me the position.
    Immediately I got an email requesting references and salary history yay!
    The job is in advertising so I don’t know if he says this to everyone. It’s been 2 weeks since the phone interview and I have email the recruiter twice, once to confirm they received the references and last Friday to check on the status of the position. The application status says “we will contact you with next steps regarding this position. Please be patient.” I guest the interview process went so well and so fast, I thought I would get an offer by now.
    Do I call the recruiter? Do I call the people I interviewed with? Any insights into how the advertising agency hiring process works? Thanks!

    • Hi Tracey,

      Even if an interview went great, employers typically finish out the entire process which means interviewing more than one candidate during the interview process.

      I recommend sitting tight and applying for other positions as you wait to hear back. It never hurts to have more than one option!

      All the Best,

      • Chandlee,

        Thank you for responding. I have other irons in the fire, but this is the job I really want, so I am waiting on pins and needles for them to call… I called on Friday and the lady who answered the phone said HR does not take phone calls and that they would let me know one way or another “it just takes a while.” I feel like I am dating again, the first date was wonderful, now I am waiting for the someone I really LIKE to call me and ask me out again without being psycho or desperate about it. Ugh, every time the phone rings, I jump.

      • I didn’t get that job. I finally emailed the interviewer and he emailed me saying they went with another candidate. Bummer. But I did have another phone and onsite interview with another company and should know by Friday what the next steps are. I am not going to worry about this one. I have already filed it in the no pile to save my sanity.

        • Tracey,

          Sorry to hear that but keep us posted and let us know how we can be helpful to you. Good luck with the other position.

          All the Best,

  8. I went for an interview on October 2, 2012. The interview process was awesome and got a pretty good vibe from the four employers who interviewed me. Two days letter I emailed a thank you letter to management. The main person there said she hoped to hire someone by the 15th… Today is the 15th!!!! Should I call to verify my status? Or should I just wait till tomorrow?

    • Crystal,

      It is up to you when you call; I’d advise waiting until at least Friday to follow-up. Remember that the simple act of calling and following up is unlikely to change the employer’s decision to hire you if they have gone with another candidate. It’s painful, but it’s the truth…

      In the interim, keep your spirits up — and keep applying for opportunities. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.


      • Chandlee,

        I couldn’t bare the anxiety of having to wait so I called today and left a voicemail for the hiring manager. I made sure it was short and to the point. I basically reiterated my interest in the position and how delighted I was for the opportunity to meet with her as well as the rest of the staff. If she felt my skills and qualifications matched her requirements I would be happy to assist her in any further steps in the hiring process in terms of reaching out to any references.
        Trust me, the message was under 30 seconds.
        I’ve been bracing for bad news :/ but hoping for the best. Thanks again, I will keep you posted!
        On a side note, I think my biggest mistake is that I tend to put on hold the job searching process while I wait for interview results… I should probably stop that.

  9. Hi! I feel like I need reassurance and advice. I meet a recruiter at a college career fair on 9/26. We really hit it off and was called for an interview on 9/28. I agreed for an interview on 10/2 in which I interviewed with four people, three seperate interviews. The last was the CFO of the company who apologized that she wasn’t prepared because my interviewers didn’t give her my résumé until I was sent to her office. She also said she “never interviews applicants” but that the three former interviewers “really liked” me and wanted her to talk with me. We discussed my background in the job I applied for in which she responded that I have “a lot of experience for the entry level position.” She went on to ask, given my background in writing as well, if I would be comfortable writing along with the initial job description I applied for. I agreed saying I was very flexible. I was also given a tour of the facilities which wasn’t in the norm for an interviewee. I was told too that I was “just the beginning of the list of interviews.” I left and sent each of the four a thank you email that was personalized to what we each talked about. I got a call on 10/10 asking for my birthdate for a background check and also if I was willing to do temp to perm. I said yes and that I was flexible again. It’s now 10/18 and I’m freaking out that maybe I should email or call to ask about the status of my interview. Everyone is telling me to wait but with each day I’m getting more anxious. What so I do if anything? And if not now, when should I call? Thank you so much for your help!

    • I should probably also add that I asked the CFO when I should expect to hear something back (obviously more politely than that). She told me by “I wouldn’t think any later than 10/16… But don’t quote me on that. It’s more of an HR question.” I wasn’t able to ask HR (as I was finished with her) but if I do quote her on that, then I’m very worried.

      • Lindsay,

        1. Try to avoid getting very worried. In the job search process, there are things you can control and things you can’t. When you hear back is often one thing you can’t control. Apply for more jobs, that you can control.

        2. Call or email the company back and ask if they need any additional information. Let them know you remain interested.

        This is essentially all you can do.


  10. Hello! I had a phone interview for a position at the beginning of September. They said they would get back with me about an on-site interview by a certain date. That date came and went so I contacted the person who had interviewed me and five days later finally received a call to schedule my on-site interview for the 25th of September. During my interview I met with someone from HR. She said they would be making a decision in two weeks and if I hadn’t heard from her by October 9th to contact her. Of course I didn’t hear from her so I sent her an email. She said that a decision had still not been made but they would let me know either way. It is now almost four weeks after the interview. I contacted the actual manager who the position is for a couple days ago and told him I had spoken with someone from HR, I knew a decision hadn’t been made yet, and asked if there is any additional information he needs or anything I could provide. He never responded. Is it safe to assume I did not get the job? I know there were only a couple candidates the interviewed, but I cannot possibly see how it takes this long? I have received an offer from another company but this is a job I REALLY want! Should I contact the lady from HR by phone? I just don’t know what to do now.


    • Jessica,

      Hiring sometimes takes an extraordinarily long time. In higher education, for example, it is not unusual for one search to last FOUR months. You have followed up enough. Anymore and it may appear to employers that you don’t have any other options. (You don’t want it to look like this.)

      I recommend that you continue to explore other opportunities while you wait to hear back. Many people on this website do ultimately get offers after they have waited much longer than they thought they would.

      Good luck and all the best,

  11. Hi, on the September 25th I went for an interview for one of the companies I have been pestering for Job/Bursaries. It was a dream come true to get an interview from them, I have longed for so long to be part of the company and the a job title just speaks to me. The interview went well, they told me within a week I would get response on the outcome. But nothing came of it, so after a week and few days I emailed to enquire about when I should expect the result. He (the Manager) then said they were having their last of interviews that day which was on October 5th, and he mentioned that after the interviews they will then notify the candidates.
    Now it’s been 2weeks and two days, I plunged the courage to email again, got an “out of office reply” , seems I will hear from him on October 25th based on it.
    So I would like to know if the two follow up I made, if was that bad? And keeping in mind that the first enquiring email was after a week and the next was another 2weeks after.


    • Nosi,

      It’s not bad to follow-up twice, but know that when you do it is unlikely to influence the decision — and that often hiring decisions take longer than expected. If I were you, I’d wait to hear back — and keep applying for other positions in the interim.

      Good luck and all the best,

  12. Hello! Okay… I’ve been a part time employee with the Department of Transportation in the State that I live in for 3.5 years. Part time employees here can not have benefits or pay raises. I had a job interview with the same department in a different city on October 1, 2012. From what I understand, I was the only internal applicant for that position. I emailed the people who interviewed me 2 days later on the 3rd, and I called to inquire about the hiring descision on the 15th. When I called, they said a descision had been made, but they were waiting to get some paperwork back from the state before they made the announcement. The woman told me that it would probably be another week. Yesterday was a week ago since that conversation, and I feel like I’m going MAD! I want to call back to see if it has been posted yet, but I don’t want to be annoying either. Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated!

    Plus, I just got married this year, and I’m ready to have something FT, since my husband works all the time. :)

  13. Hello, I have recently became certified in phlebotomy. I’m very new at the health care employment hiring process. I know there are several steps they have to take. I had an interview with a hospital I am very interested in. The interview seemed to go pretty good. I had two ladies interviewing me. One of the ladies explained the uniform, the insurance and ask someone to show me around the lab. It seemed like to me she was interested. She said they would be making a decision by the 19th of October. I called last week following up, asking if they needed any additional information and stated I was very interested in the position. Do I try calling again this week or hold off? Do I leave another message or wait for someone to answer? Would it be normal to show someone around an private area in the lab that they have no interest in? That tells me that they have some interest in me. What do you think?

    Thank you,

  14. Hello,

    I had my first phone interview with a company on the 11th of October, 2012 and then followed by another phone interview Tuesday, and then followed by a tech interview this tuesday 23rd of October. I sent thank you letters to everybody that interviewed me. I also emailed the HR regarding the next course of action on Tuesday itself. The HR representative has been proactive in responding to all of emails. But she hasnt acknowledged the email that I sent on Tuesday. Today is Thursday and I havent received any sort of contact from her. I was told by the phone interviewer that he would process his feedback to the HR and the next contact would be from HR. i dont know what to do. I am tempted to actually call her and speak with her about the proceedings. What do you think I should do? I am pretty nervous and this job is something that I would love to get. Please let me know.


    • Sam,

      Sit tight for at least a week. If they need anything from you, they will let you know. It is pretty standard for HR not to contact you between the time that an interview is finished and an offer is extended. Offers almost always take time.


    • Sam,

      I recommend sitting tight for at least a week — then following up again to reiterate your continued interest. I know it may feel like a long time, but a few days isn’t that bad…Good luck!


  15. At what point is it ‘game over’ when given the silent treatment? My timeline has gone as follows: Wednesday, September 26, 2012—received a call to schedule an interview. A week later, had an initial, on site interview. The next day, I emailed thank you notes to each interviewer and, the following day, each interviewer responded. The following Monday I received an email asking for my availability to schedule a second interview and I responded. That Friday I received an email that the employer is still trying to coordinate everyone’s schedules for my second interview, so by email I thanked them for the update. [AT THIS POINT, THINGS ARE LOOKING GOOD WITH BACK AND FORTH COMMUNICATION].

    To date, and two weeks later, nothing has since occurred. I called yesterday, which marked a two week haitus of no communication and the employer’s secretary took message. This situation seems so different in that a follow up itnerview was sure to occur and then, just, NOTHING. Is this good or bad in your mind?

    • Ashley,

      Hard to say if the game is over but a delay in the follow-up after the first interview is unfortunately not all that unusual.
      I’d recommend following up via email again if you don’t hear anything by the end of the week. In the meantime, recommend you keep looking.

      Good luck and keep us posted.


      • Thanks, Chandlee.

        Per your advice, I submitted an email again. Employer got back to me the same day apologizing, stating they are still coordinating schedules, and that one person from the hiring committee has been out for a while (which you’ve stated were possibilities in other blogs). Looks like I am still in the running after all! At this point, and now that I know what I know, the ball is their court. I will not be contacting them anymore. I’m good to go now that I have an update. Will keep you posted.

        • Ashley,

          That’s excellent news. Keep me posted and in the loop.

          All the Best,

          • Well,

            Another two weeks has passed since I got that promising email response. I’ve decided to just move on and if I hear something, fine. What an extremely odd 5 weeks from interview to now. Hard to make heads or tails of anything. Either way, thanks for the advice and good luck to everyone else on here!

          • Ashley,

            Sorry to hear you haven’t heard back. Sounds like it is an ideal time to move on, but I do want to wish you luck overall in the process.


  16. I am in the design/visual communication field. I have gone through the first phase of an interview and had my 2nd interview on October 22. In my opinion, I believe the interview went well. I walked out of the building feeling very confident. I was told by the HR that they would get back within the week. About 2 days after my 2nd interview, I had sent everyone a ‘thank you’ email, reassuring everyone that I am the perfect candidate for their opening position.

    After sending my thank you emails, I get an automatic reply back from one of the interviewees that she was going to be gone from the office in Sept — which was about a month ago. This has got to be an error.

    I decided to call to let the person know about the automatic reply and asked if I had the correct email address. The person indicated that it was a computer error and that they will contact me soon about the position. I hope I didn’t annoy her or came out as aggressive.

    Meanwhile, it’s been a week since that 2nd interview. I just sent a polite follow up to all 4 folks regarding my job status. Was that a wrong move? I’m so anxious to hear from this company since I really want the job.

    Just gotta wait at this point, but I hope my follow-up email was appropriate.

    • Johnny,

      Sit still, apply for other positions of interest if you see them — and hang tight. You’ve done all you can do; they are not likely to discount you for following up — but there’s also no guarantee that you will be offered the job.

      Keep us posted, and good luck! Sounds as though you did a very thorough job following up; many employers appreciate that!

      All the Best,

  17. I just had an interview as a public affairs staff writer last october 30. I was interviewed 10 in the morning and the employer said that she was “inclined to get me” but she needs to see my sample works since I wasn’t able to bring any.It was then decided that I return to their office to give my works on 3:00pm of the same day. After handing out my portfolio she said that she will contact me on monday (today) since this was the resume of work after the long holiday period. I am eagerly awaiting for their call since this morning but I haven’t heard anything from them yet. Does this mean that I did not qualify for the position or should I just wait and follow up after a couple of days? Thank you very much.

    • Hi Irish,

      I don’t recommend making any assumptions about whether they still are interested or are not. I recommend you call them in a few days and let them know you remain interested.

      All the Best,

  18. I got an internship interview with a large newspaper after I sent a thank you to the editor for speaking at a conference I attended. The interview was 11/2 and I sent short email thank yous and more personal handwritten thank you cards to the two people that interviewed me (neither were the editor I emailed at first.) They told me they would get back to me by 11/7. It is now 11/9. Can I send another follow up email? I don’t want to seem desperate because I was lucky to get the first interview with just a thank you and I sent both email and handwritten ones later on… I don’t know if they are interviewing other students for internships, but I would doubt it because it seems like I kind of created the opportunity with my first note – so it’s unlikely that I am waiting on them to finish interviewing other canidates.

    • Laura,

      Give it another few days and continue to apply other places in the interim. It’s always nice to have as many options as possible. If you follow-up right away, it may feel desperate. Hiring almost always takes longer than employers often estimate.

      Good luck and all the very best,

  19. Had an interview about a week and a half ago and was considering calling them back in the next couple of days to find out what the situation was. I’ve read in various places that people do this but i’m not exactly sure how i should phrase my question when i phone back. Im hardly going to call them back and say ‘have i got the job?’.

    For anyone who has been in this position and has not heard back from an interview:

    1 what do you usually say when calling back an employer to find out what the situation is?


    2 What is the typical response you get back when they have not made their decision yet? Do they plainly just reply with something typical like ‘we will get in touch with you soon’ or something similar?

    Thank you so much.

    • Hi Terry,

      First did you send a thank you note? If not, do this immediately and that can serve as your follow-up.

      If you sent a thank you note, call and simply say, “I’m calling to reiterate my interest in the opportunity. Please let me know if you need any additional information regarding my candidacy…”

      Good luck and all the best,

  20. Chandlee!
    And I’m back at it again!
    I never heard back from that other interview even AFTER I sent a thank you note and followed up with a phone call to reiterate my interest in the opportunity. You know, it really annoys the heck out of me that these people cat just sent an automated email letting us know that we werent selected candidates or “didnt make the cut” in that case.

    Anywho, I had another interview for a state department agency and typically its not unusual for these people to drag because of the extensive background checks. I interviewed November 1st and sent a thank you notice to the HR generalist (who interviewed me as well), and 3 panelists includings two assistant directors of the program and one manager. The thank you email was sent that following morning on the 5th of November.

    Now I am entering the second week time frame, still haven’t heard back. Any suggestions? Should I follow up, or just wait? There a state agency so they will def let me know if I got the job or not.

    Seriously, this is like pulling teeth out :(

    - Crystal

    • Butting in here… I work for a state agency and it takes FOREVER to get a call back. I waited 3 weeks and it was 2007. I have seen it take six weeks or more between the time the hiring manager hands off the candidate they want to hire and HR making the offer. Hold tight.

      Good Luck.

      • Thanks for the reply tracey!

        Its really hard to stay optimistic with these exhaustive waits. :/
        So i just continue to apply apply and apply for other jobs meanwhile I hear back. What state agency do you work for? I’m in Illinois and I interviewed for the illinois housing development agency.

        All they told me was that they hoped to bring someone on board for the month of November..So im assuming they should be hiring someone asap! BUT, your right, I will hold tight and wait to hear something, but I wont dwell on it beyond the month of November. Man, government jobs are so competitive to get into.Seriously.

    • Crystal,

      I’m so sorry to hear that you are still waiting to hear back. I hope you’ve heard something since we last communicated. Please hang in there, continue to look at other positions and don’t give up the faith.

      All the very best,

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