They Re-Posted the Job. Should I Kiss It Good-Bye?

In many cases the answer is a resounding “yes”.  If they re-post the job, odds are it’s time to kiss it good-bye!

But there are also exceptions to the rule, which I’ll discuss later on. Unfortunately, the letter I got from a reader asking me that very question probably isn’t one of them. Here’s her story…

Hello Ronnie Ann!

I’m actually crying right at this very moment only because I can’t seem to understand why people who do job interviews can be so calloused.

Company X called me twice for two phone interviews. Things seem to have gone well as they invited me to visit them out of state. After a series of interview with several individuals, I left and was told that they’ll “let me know if there’s any further interest” which were the exact words. Few minutes after I got to my hotel, I did get a call and was asked to return and I did. I met with more people.

Everything seemed very positive.  I was confident and had positive energy. The job closely parallels what I have on my resume at about 95%. I sent individual thank you notes to each and every individual who interviewed me.

Out of the 10 people that interviewed me, 2 people mentioned negative things about the future boss for the job. However, it wasn’t something I engaged myself in. When I met with the “future boss”, although I felt good about the interview and answered all of his questions, I didn’t feel as connected with him as I did with the others but I remained positive.

One week passed, silence…. yesterday was 2 weeks of silence so I sent my short follow-up email to the Director of HR that basically reiterates that I’m still very interested and inquiring if I’m still in the running and where they’re at in their hiring process. Given that Monday is typically a very busy day for most people, I thought perhaps they need a couple days.

Fast forward…. this morning I got online and I found that same job re-posted by a recruiting firm. Is it safe to say that I’m out and should be moving on? I was really hoping that they at least reply back even if I lost the job so I can send them a thank you letter for considering me for the job and make way for professional connection.

What are your thoughts?


PS: Just simply typing this out gave me some relief…. I’m glad I
found your site! Thank you.

Hi J!

I’m so sorry you’re going through all this. Glad telling the story helped. It’s a good idea not to hold in all that interview waiting game frustration! Sounds like you did the right things and even understand if this job doesn’t come through, there’s still an opportunity to keep in touch with the company for future openings.  Smart.

Unfortunately, there is no 100% sure way to interpret the re-posting.  A job re-posting can sometimes simply be contractual (meaning the company paid ahead of time for a certain number of listings) or, as is more often the case, it can indeed be a sign of something less positive. In your case, the fact that it was posted by the recruiter may very well point toward the less positive outcome.

Then again, recruiters sometimes re-post an ad just to be safe, maybe having heard some doubts but not knowing for sure whether or not you’ll get the job. Or the company may simply be keeping its options open to see what new resumes come in.  Companies do that sometimes, while keeping the best candidates on hold – and in the dark. So J…you could still be in the running – but there’s also a good chance they decided to pass.

So what should you do?

Keep Looking for a Job Even While Waiting to Hear Back

No matter what the correct interpretation of the re-posted job may be, don’t stop looking! One of the most important things you can do during an interview process is to keep the momentum going. Not only does it help keep the fear monkeys away, but you may wind up getting a better job as a result.

If you do get the job (and it’s still possible), I wish you all the best. But if you don’t…it may not be such a bad thing after all. Messages like people talking negatively about your potential future boss in an actual interview and the lack of connection in your interview with him/her can mean a LOT. Again, I hope you do get it and it turns out to be great. But if not, you may have lucked out!

I wish you whichever outcome is best for you, J.  And please don’t cry.  If this job isn’t the one, it could be because the right one is on its way – even if it takes a while to find you. On that thought, you may find this May 11, 2009 comment from Joe comforting:

Days Off Are Much Better When You Have a Job

Good luck!

Ronnie Ann

How would you feel if you saw the job you want posted again? Have you ever seen a job posted again and still gotten it? Did you ever lose out on a job and then get a great one anyway?

New Flash! I just got an update from J.  Well…she didn’t get the job. But she tells me she feels ok and is ready to get back out there and find the right job for her. Meanwhile she made sure to let the company know she appreciated the chance to interview and is still interested should anything else come up. Perfect.

Interesting twist…turns out they fired the HR Director and that was one of the reasons she was kept hanging for so long.  Add that to the endless list of reasons in the oh-so-frustrating waiting game!  ;-)

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About the author…

Ronnie Ann, founder of Work Coach Cafe, bases her real-world advice on her many years as an organizational consultant where she helped interview and hire people, added to a certificate from NYU in Career Planning & Development and her own adventures as a serial job seeker. She can also be found on her new blog, and on Google+.


  1. This question is slightly different from the original post. I applied a year ago for a job. I had a great interview, but ended up not getting the job. One year later the job is posted again with a few slight changes to the description. I am going to apply. My question: Should I reference my previous interview in the over letter?

    • Heather,

      Yes, I’d reapply and send a note to a hiring manager or HR contact (if you got to know them). Let them know what you’ve been up to in the past year, and express your continued interest in working for the organization.

      All the Best,

      • I seen a job open back up again 1 year after I applied, I contacted HR via Email.
        in my e-mail I told HR I had applied before, and than I would like to apply again because I felt that that I had misunderstood some of the Interviewers questions, and based my responses on those
        misunderstanding, however remember this you can apply again, and HR will likely pass you application forward again to the same group of Interviewers that Interviewed you before.
        it’s a gamble, will you get called again?

        1 there is no way to know what was on the Interviewer or Interviewers minds or how you were
        judged, Yes! judged.
        Judged on the way: you look, the way you answered, the way you listened on so fourth, If any one
        of these things will stack the odds, that you will not get another Interview.
        form personal experience I tell you this, the act of perceiving distinctions is alive and well and
        practiced with the skill of a covert military operation.
        in closing go ahead and apply, but don’t expect a answer

  2. I applied to a startup a little over a week ago through a startup company information/job site. I received a response from someone within the firm the next day requesting that I set up a meeting with the owner through an online calendar. I responded to that email, asking to confirm if a phone interview would suffice, to which I received no response.

    The following day, I requested two meeting times anyway on the calendar and chose the phone meeting option. The founder confirmed one of the times early the next morning. Since it had a note attached that he could be reached at [his number], I emailed him to confirm the date and time and that I was expected to call him. I received no response to this, so I assume I am the one to make the call.

    My interview is coming up and I went to the aforementioned startup site to review the posting and found the job has been reposted! Should I be worried at all? It’s quite discouraging to see it resposted before I’ve even had an interview.

    • Hi N,

      No, that’s standard practice and has NOTHING to do with you. Employers typically interview more than one candidate at a time for positions — so they can find the person who is both interested and qualified. Even if employers have an eye on strong candidates, they will still repost a position — they never know if the person who they offer the job to is going to accept.

      Good luck and all the best,

  3. This is a little long…Sorry..:)

    I applied for a Human resources Assistant job and recieved a phone interview. After the phone interview, I went in to meet with the Human Resources Department face to face. After that first interview they called me back that same day and set up a time for a second interview. The second interview was with the partners of the firm. So I met with like 5 different people total. In each of my interviews, they discussed how they were not pleased with the last persons performance and they were being extra cautious in who they hire next. After meeting with the partners I was told that they were going to develop a test for me to take to ensure my knowledge in HR. I passed the test and then they asked me for my references. I provided them with my references and they stated they would check them the next day. I gave them a couple of days and checked with my references and I was told that no one had called. So I sent a follow up email asking if they needed any additional information. They emailed me back stating that they had not checked my references yet. They stated that they were “extremely interested in me for the position, but they had to work out the process on their end.” She said that the partners wanted more candidates to speak with before making a decision. Later on that day she emailed me back and told me that after meeting with the partners, they decided that they needed to interview more candidates, however they were still interested in me for the role. They said that they understood that i was in a job search and to keep them updated on my status, as they would keep me updated as well. Two days later, i saw the job was re-posted. Should I just give up on this job? Or do you think I still have a chance?


  4. What is the etiquette for reapplying for a job that you have already been offered but then the company rescinded over salary (i.e. I asked for more money, they rescinded the offer)? The job has been reposted less than three weeks later.

    • Kayla,

      Call the company in person and ask to speak to the person you spoke to before. Be polite and let them know of your continued interest in the job. But only do this if you are willing to work for the lower salary they quoted you at before and you are willing to say this. Key tip to remember in salary negotiations — you always need to be nice as you all need to feel that you can work together when it is over…

      Good luck and all the best,

  5. I’m going through the same thing right now, and it’s frustrating and a bit disheartening.

    I applied for a job, and the Human Resources Coordinator called me about 2 weeks after I applied (I checked out her profile on LinkedIn, and basically she’s the one who does all the hiring, posting jobs, etc.). We had a 10 minute phone interview, and she asked if I could come in to meet with her a day and a half later. Short notice, but no problem! Came in for the interview, and I thought it went really well. We went over my resume, my duties at my previous jobs, my education, etc. She proceeded to tell me more about the position, the salary, the benefits, etc. And the job will begin in early 2013. She also told me to visit one of the stores so I can get a ‘feel’ for the branding and such. We pretty much ended the inerview with her telling me that if I have any questions about the job, do not hesistate to call or email her. She was very impressed that I was so prepared and thanked me profusely about coming in on such short notice.

    Later that day, I mailed her a handwritten ‘thank you’ card. I didn’t plan to hear anything until after New Years (since she told me to have a wonderful holiday). On their website, you can check the status of your application. Since December 18th, it’s been “Under Review”.

    This morning, I check my email and I notice on one of my job search websites, the position I applied for was re-listed the afternoon before (the job posting was taken down on the 17th, so I figure it was closed because they found their pool of applicants they wanted to interview). I went on the company’s website, and lo and behold there’s the job. Re-listed. My heart sunk. When I logged in, and went back to that listing it said that I am currently being considered for that position (anyone who applies gets that message), and when I looked at my job status it never changed. It was still last updated on the 18th and under review. So now, it’s the weekend and I’m not going to hear anything until January 3, 2013 at the earliest.

    Now I feel as though I’m in employment limbo. The person who interviewed me is the same one who lists the positions. Being the overanalyzer that I am, I figured I didn’t get the job. But at the same time, when she reposted the job (and it’s the same job, word for word, and same job code that I have), wouldn’t she have called/emailed me and said I was no longer in the running (I feel she would let me know; she struck me to be a very considerate person)? Or maybe they needed more applicants (which would be odd because it’s a MAJOR company, a semi-entry level position, and it was posted on every major job search site and on their own website). I don’t want to nag her, but I think if I don’t hear anything by January 7th or 8th, I’ll follow up via email. Until then, I’m going to continue applying to other places and watch bad reality tv to pass the time:)

    • It’s SO difficult to know what is going on inside a company. Many things impact hiring decisions, and recent studies have shown that it takes longer to fill a job now than in a good economy. Recruiters I know say that employers are now hiring “100% fits” (perfect match with the job requirements) while in a better economy they were happy hiring “80% fits.”

      Hope that this one has worked out for you by now, or you’ve found better opportunities elsewhere.

      Good luck with your job search!

  6. Is it ever appropriate to discuss a previous job and/or boss which was a very negative environment? (i.e., a “toxic” environment, with complicated company “politics”, lack of trust and a style of management that consisted of leading by “fear and intimidation?” (how open and honest should you be? I usually never say anything negative about a former employer – however, this was the only one in which I was “fired” – (not for misconduct ) – and I cringe when I think about how to convey this part of my otherwise stellar job history! (if this “boss” and/or company has a reputation for hiring (and then firing) each year, how could this be conveyed?) Thank you!

    • Melanie,

      In my experience, if this is the case — the organization often has rapid turnover. If yes, simply state how many people have worked in the role in a short time period — e.g. Over an 18 month period, five people worked in this role. I was the third to take the job, and worked there for _____ months.

      Good luck and all the best,

  7. I thought I had a great interview. The recruiting manager was very positive, gave me a tour of the company, talked up all the great benefits, and even wanted to set up a meeting for the following week for a face-to-face with the hiring manager. I went home and promptly sent a thank you and then nothing. I gave it a few more days and followed up. I got a good response from the recruiting manager. He said they had a big project come up and this was put on hold but he wanted to still bring me in.
    About a week later, I saw the job reposted. I followed up again and was told the hiring manager was looking at other candidates but he’d keep me in mind for other positions.

    I’m not sure what to think.

    • Hi Vicki,

      I think you should move on. Since it seems like you have a good relationship with the recruiting manager, send the recruiting manager a “thank you” for the time and courtesy shown you and reiterate your interest in working there (if you are still interested).

      These days it often takes more time than anyone thinks to fill a job because the hiring managers are looking for the “perfect match candidate.” Perhaps the hiring manager wasn’t as impressed as the recruiting manager, or perhaps their requirements changed.

      My advice to everyone is to keep looking until you get a job offer!

      Good luck!

  8. Good info. Lucky me I discovered your blog by accident (stumbleupon).

    I have bookmarked it for later!

  9. I got called in for a second interview that I was originally rejected for (they said they would keep me in mind). I think everything went great and I was told that they had filled the original position, but then later thought they could use me as well, and that’s why they called me back in. The original posting was taken down months ago. Today I get an email with the job posting. The interview was three days ago and they said they would call me next week. Not sure what to think of this since I interviewed for the job before it was posted the second time.

    • Interesting situation. Sounds like you may have “the inside track” on this one. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you!

      Good luck!

      • Thank you! I will keep you posted and let you know how it turns out. I’m supposed to hear something by tomorrow.


        • I just wanted to follow-up and let you know that I was offered the position! The process has been long (it’s been 6 months since my initial contact with my recruiter) but, I think it may be helpful for people to know that even if you were rejected, (like I was) it’s still important to keep a positive attitude– especially with the people who rejected you. You never know when something might open up.

          • Excellent, Jaime! Thank you for letting us know!

            Yes it is very helpful to share with people how recovery from an initial rejection can definitely work. A positive attitude can be tough in a long job search, but is SO important.

            Congratulations on the new job! Hope it’s a long time before your next job search!


  10. I applied for two jobs within the same company within a week of each other. (I am an athletic trainer, and this company contracts out to different clients (companies)) I heard back immediately about the second position I applied for but not the first. I had an interview that went very well but unfortunatly the company did not get the contract with the client, therefore I did not get the job. The person I interviewed with apologized and told me to keep checking back about any future positions that I may be interested in. Fast forward about a week and I checked back on their career center and I realized that the First position that I applied for has been re-posted. Would it be appropriate to contact the person I had an interview with about the other position, to find out about the status of this position?

    • Hi Morgan,

      Yes, I think it would be fine to go ahead and follow-up with the person you interviewed with — let them know about your interest and also resubmit your application if possible. Often when a job gets reposted they are starting the search all over again. If you work hard to ensure your application is still in the pool, it should increase your chances. If it’s been a while, they may assume that you are not interested.

      Good luck,

  11. 2 things I wanted to say here-

    First, I just want to thank Ronnie Ann :) I searched google for some very vague and long-worded questions (like “Do employers usually tell you if you got the job on a second interview”?) and didn’t expect to get much feedback. Low and behold, I found this site and I was super impressed. I know others out there have questions just like mine, and it was very reassuring to find answers to many of them all right here in one place. I even learned about a couple things I didn’t even think to originally search for just because I didn’t expect to find any feasible answers. This site contains a wealth of useful information and I will be happy to share it with anyone I know with any similar questions.

    Secondly, I just wanted to add a little story about the whole re-post issue. I had an interview last week (Tuesday) and I was told they would let me know something by that Friday. I hadn’t heard anything by Friday morning, so I decided to call that afternoon. The person I interviewed with had already left for the day (meaning they wouldn’t be back till the following Monday). I felt discouraged and was pretty sure I didn’t land the job. Fast forward to Monday. I received an e-mail from the person who interviewed me saying I should know by Wednesday. OK. I felt a little better. Not totally out of the race yet. Then, the next day (Tuesday), I’m browsing the same website where I found this same job offer. And what do you know…I see the same add re-posted that I initially responded to a week ago. I was gutted. Thought I didn’t have a chance. Pretty much gave up and moved on. But then, the next day, I get a call from the same company asking me to come in for a second interview. Long story short…I went in for the interview, and I felt pretty confident that it went well after I left. I still don’t know if I got the job yet, but I just wanted to say a re-post might not mean the end of the road for you just yet. I realize things vary from company to company and everyone’s experience will be different-but don’t get down about things just yet. You never know exactly what move your possible future employer might make next.

    • Dylan,

      Thanks for your comment — it is spot on and helpful for people to hear. Often, people re-post positions simply to ensure that the job gets greater visibility in their own systems. (Or to correct a typo.)

      Good luck with your own job search; I hope you get positive news soon!

      All the Best,

  12. Hi,

    I hoped to ask a question in roughly the same vein as the OP’s. What basically happened was that I applied for another position that I was turned down for, and later, I was invited to an interview with the director of the department where a new position arose. But, the job had not been posted anywhere yet (including the company website) and had essentially been newly minted. From what the interviewer told me, they still seem to be figuring out exactly where the new hire would fit in.

    Now, I am not sure how my interview went, and I guess it wont help to speculate. But the director did say it could take up to four weeks to “move forward” with the job. So this week would be the 4th week, and today, I happened to see the job put up on workopolis but it is still not on their company website. When I saw this, I freaked out and wrote to the HR person to ask what my status is. The HR person replied in a few minutes and said they were still interviewing people and asked me to be patient while they go through their process.

    So I want to ask, is it likely I am in the same boat as the OP and that I should kiss the job goodbye ? Also, would the HR person not have told me in the response if I had been put out of the running for the job, or would they do so only at the very end when they have selected someone ?

  13. I had an unusual one today. I went through three rounds of interviews all very positive. I hadn’t heard anything for about two weeks so sent and email to the hiring manager who responded that they were interested in me and down to practical (cost) to please send salary and other expectations related to hiring package . I sent salary history from my previous job and indicated what I hoped for in this position, with a comment that I was willing to negotiate and that I was very interested in the job. I heard nothing for about 10 days; sent another email and was told no word yet. A few days later, I found the job re-posted on a different Web site with a wider reach. I called hiring manager and she said that the search committee felt that they may not have “articulated their vision for the position fully enough to get a good fit.” I mentioned that I had felt in the interviews that I was a good fit for what was articulated and posted. She indicated that was true for me but not for any other finalists and that I might still end up there but they wanted a wider posting. I had interviewed extremely well. I’m a bit puzzled at this stage? What happened and do I kiss this one goodbye?

    • Susan P. Joyce says:

      Hi Randi,

      In answer to your last question – no, do not kiss this job goodbye, but definitely do keep looking.

      These days, employers know that many people are unemployed, so it’s a “buyer’s market” for them, and they expect to have several top candidates to choose from. In this case, having only one candidate who was a “good fit” for the job (you) was disappointing.

      They (or someone in the search committee) apparently have the impression that they didn’t do a good enough job of describing and promoting the job appropriately. This, unfortunately, happens fairly often. – the length of time it takes to fill a job actually increased with the downturn in the economy. The “buyers” in this “buyer’s market” think there may be a better “deal” out there if they simply look a bit harder. That appears to be what is going on here.

      I would stay in touch periodically, reiterating your interest in the job, while investing most of my time and effort in finding a position elsewhere. They are gambling that you will still be available when they are done with this second round of posting, interviewing, etc., and it could take them several weeks to finish.

      Keep looking!

      Good luck with your job search!

  14. I interviewed for a position at the end of May. The interview went well, I was introduced to the staff and seemed to have a good connection with the interviewer. I was told they had one more person to see but was assured they would let me know either way in a week whether I would be offered the position.
    I never heard back and assumed it may have been a salary concern since I am at the top of my salary grade given my experience. The position was taken down but now I have just seen the position reposted today and was considering emailing the interviewer to let them know I would still be interested in it. Should I do this or should I leave it alone since I wasn’t offered the position first time around.

    • Susan P. Joyce says:

      Hi Jackie,

      I don’t think you have anything to lose by checking in with them, and letting them know you are still interested. Employers often assume that anyone who applied in the past is no longer available or interested.

      Good luck with your job search!

  15. lucy fritiani says:

    Hi, on 6 of July I went for an interview , after 6 days (12 July) I got an email from the recruitment agency say that they would like to offer me a contract (state salary, day off, benefits ecc.) and 3 days after I got a phone call from them say that they are working on my documentations ,but on 10 July the job was reposted and it is still there, shall I be worried about it, also they told me that for issue the contract will take about 2 or 3 weeks.
    please help….

  16. Recently I just found your site and I felt is more helpful for my situation, I’d been to more than 12 interviews for 3 months and none offered me a job. Now I’m down with depression because it’s end of year yet I’d been out of job. I’d tried all way to get job from friends too thinking it’ll be easier and I already used up their resources until now they said no more. I’m at my wit’s end thinking should I quit or continue looking for it and now my mindset is confuse. After all that interview I was wondering what went wrong, all the feedback I got, I’m not short listed, found better candidate, not suitable for the job, and even after second interview I’m still not selected ( when they said HR called means I’m chosen). To be honest now I felt sad and need moral support to get thru these difficult challenges, so what can I do now to help me get a job that I want. Hope you can help me..

    • Susan P. Joyce says:

      Hi IT,

      Excellent that you’ve had 12 interviews in 3 months! Not getting a job offer is, unfortunately, not that unusual. Without knowing more about what happened – the jobs you interviewed for and how qualified you are for those jobs as well as how you present yourself, follow up after the interviews, and many other things, it’s very difficult for me to give you solid advice.

      My recommendation is that you try to find local help with your job search, perhaps a job club or job search support group in your neighborhood. They will help you with your documents, expend your network, and coach you in how to job search most effectively.

      Try not to be too discouraged. A job search is a long, tough slog for most of us.

      Good luck with your job search!

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