STILL Waiting for the Job Offer To Be Approved!

Dear Work Coach,

It’s been nice to read all the advice you have given. Still waiting for the official job offer seems to be the worst waiting game and I am in the same boat.

I flew in for a the job interview on July 7 and it went very well. It’s seems that I am their top candidate.

The hiring manager called a week later and said that he has put something together for me that should be a good territory and it just has to be signed off on. I spoke to him the week after and he said it is now in financing to be approved. So for now it has been two weeks and still nothing official.

I spoke to him on Monday and he said that he is still waiting for it to be approved and I am still “their guy”.

Do you think that I have anything to worry about? It seems like things are going pretty slow. Especially after how quick they flew me in to interview, from when I submitted my resume. That only took 2 weeks.

Another question I had is, how often should you contact the hiring manager to inquire about the progress? One thing I don’t want to be is annoying to them.



Hi David,

As far as I can tell from what you wrote, all is on track. Internal processes can take weeks – often much longer than the whole initial interview process. Nothing’s for sure of course, but things look good. So relax, have faith and find something fun to do in the meantime!

As for how often to contact the hiring manager…there’s no hard and fast rule. Under your circumstances, you might send him an e-mail toward the end of next week just letting him know you’re still interested and asking of there’s anything more you need to do.

Truth is, at this point they know who you are, so unless you get another offer, give them some time. I once waited about 5 months to find out I was the top candidate. And I only e-mailed them every now and then. :)

Good luck! Please let us know what happens.

Ronnie Ann


About the author…

Ronnie Ann, founder of Work Coach Cafe, bases her real-world advice on her many years as an organizational consultant where she helped interview and hire people, added to a certificate from NYU in Career Planning & Development and her own adventures as a serial job seeker. She can also be found on her new blog, and on Google+.


  1. Dear Work Coach

    I just recently graduated from college, and I found out an old family friend (one we haven’t been in contact with for over 25 years) is a big wig of a big company. I sent him an email to chat about job advice, and he offered to give me an interview at his company. It was very unexpected, and I felt I was way under qualified for any position at his company. I interviewed with him a week later, and I felt I had a great interview. It was very unorthodox, considering I wasn’t interviewing for a specific job. It seemed he asked me questions to gauge my interests so he could find a job for me. It could be considered a favor, but I believe my interview gave him ample evidence that I could handle many different positions. I felt I caught him by surprise. He called me three days later to describe a job his company wants me for, asked if I liked how it sounded, and claimed his company has a plan for me. At this point, it sounded like I had a job at the company and he told me I would be contacted soon. I didn’t hear anything for a week, so I left a message on his voice mail requesting a timeline of the hiring process. It has been another week, and he has not responded whatsoever. He is a family friend, so I feel he would let me know if I won’t be hired. But it seems his phone call after the interview implied I’d soon have a job. What do you think is going on? It has been over two weeks since he has contacted me. Thanks.

    • I want to reiterate, it’s not so much that I haven’t received an official job offer that I’m worried about (that may take awhile), but that he hasn’t responded to my voice mail asking for more information. Thanks.

    • chandlee says:

      Hi Jim,

      It takes a long time for hiring to happen inside companies, often even if someone is a big wig — then once other employees get the directive or suggestion to hire — many have to scramble to accommodate the request. Where is the new person going to sit? Who will they report to? Do they have a computer at the desk? All sorts of things happen inside the company.

      I can’t say what is going on as I am not privy to what’s happening at this particular company.

      I’d recommend calling him again or sending him an email. Don’t ask for a timeline of the hiring process, simply reiterate your interest in working for them — and your availability.

      Make sure not to sound desperate…just ask for an update, and express your continued interest.

      In the interim, keep applying to other places as well. It is always good to have options. No matter what.

      Good luck and all the best,

  2. Dear work coach,

    I had a job interview at a design firm with senior partner and senior designer.
    I got a job offer from them and was told that senior partner will discuss this with HR and follow up with me.
    It has been 1 week since the last email and I understand the time and process it might take for HR to get back to me.
    But I’m just wondering when my starting date will be so I can schedule/plan/and or get ready for the job.
    I don’t want to bother them since they are both designers and I know they’ll be busy with projects.. but I don’t have any other contacts..
    Would it be okay if I send them an email asking when my approximate start date will be?
    or should I just wait until I hear back from HR?

    • chandlee says:

      Hi Jen,

      If they’ve extended an offer to you, I think it’s perfectly reasonable to follow up with them and ask who you should be in touch with in HR — and if they could give you a sense of the optimal start date for you.

      I recommend that you call them — too important to leave this in e-mail and have it get lost in the queue.

      Good luck and please keep us posted. Congrats on the offer!


  3. Dear work coach,

    After I had a verbal offer, I had to wait about 10 days before the HR got back to me.
    A person from HR called me last friday saying that she will send the official offer letter early this week.
    We haven’t decided on the start date and she told me to think about it for few days.
    It sounded like we could set the date once I got the offer since she didn’t tell me to get back to her.
    She told me that I could start working late this week or even early next week but since I haven’t recieved any official offer, I don’t think that would be the case but I was ready to start asap.
    However, a family emergency came up in the meantime and I need to be out of country for couple of weeks and I won’t be able to answer any phone calls.
    So I called the HR this morning thinking that I should advise them with my situation and to ask if I could start working after two weeks. (even though we haven’t decided on the date, she sounded like they need me to start right away)
    However, the HR rep wasn’t available so I had to leave a voicemail but haven’t heard from her.
    Should I try to contact them to let them know about my situation? or should I wait until I got the offer letter?
    Is it unprofessional to just leave and not be available while I’m waiting for the offer letter? I’ll be checking my emails.
    I don’t know the direct email for HR personnel but I know my future boss’ (who also interviewed me) email and number.
    Should I send him an email explaining my absence and advise him that I could be reached by email?
    Is it better not to advise anything until I receive a formal letter?

    • Thank you,


    • chandlee says:

      Hi Sarah,

      I recommend trying to reach your future boss by phone — don’t leave a message and don’t send an e-mail. This is the kind of message that — from my perspective — is best delivered in person. She needs to know you remain interested and be told of the situation. (Though I imagine HR may also tell her.)

      If you can’t speak with her, continue to monitor your email and voicemail (if you have a phone that you can access voice mail remotely, it is likely they may also use this venue to get in touch with you — though it sounds like this will not be the case.)

      Hopefully, this will all work out and you will be able to focus on your family for a while, too.

      Good luck.


  4. Melissa says:

    Hi Work Coach,

    Recently I applied for a job and two days later was interviewed for the job.It seemed like the hiring manager was very impressed and seemed to like me a lot, after an hour of my interview she called to ask if I could come back later to meet her district manager. I met with her in the afternoon and she too seemed to like me quite a bit. She informed me that because they were not working on weekends that I would hear back on Monday after they checked my references. Something went wrong so I supplied another reference on Tuesday and was offered the job that same afternoon via email. I signed the contract and sent it back to the hiring manager along with a thank you and ended with ” please contact me if you need any other paperwork filled out”. Its been 2 days and she hasn’t gotten back to me. I know two days sounds like a short amount of time, but she was very on top of getting back to her emails, keeping me updated and even once called 2 hours after to see if I had received her email. She never replied stating that she got my contract but I know the email address isn’t wrong and I don’t know when my start date is. I guess my question is should I call or email to find out whats going on? I dont want to wait till its too late and kick myself

    Thank you,

  5. Hi Work Coach:

    Last friday after two interviews at a big company, the manager who did the interview called me and told me the job was mine, then we discussed my salary and after we agreed on it i went back to the company to filled an application, after i did that, the manager told me he was going to go to HR for them to approve it, and that he was going to called me back to go and sign some paperwork and to do the drug test and the background check, its been two days and he haven’t called me back yet, my questions are, if they already offered me the job it means they already contact my previous job, or they are in the process of doing it, and should i call the manager or not?

    Best Regards,
    Mario R

    • chandlee says:

      Hi Mario,

      Give it another two days. It takes hiring managers some time on the inside…

      Good luck and all the best,

  6. Hi Work Coach,

    Still waiting for the Job offer, I apply last july 3, I received an e-mail inviting me for an initial interview.
    I confirmed the attendance and the initial interview was held at July 12, I passed it. I undergo to their qualifying exam, and i did passed it again, and after that, they told me to come back at the afternoon at the same day for another set of interview.. and then i passed it again. They discussed to me the Job description, the salary and other things related to job.

    They also told me that they will call me back again for the final interview with the HR Manager.

    My Final interview held at July 29. It seems that it turns out great. They told me again for me that they call me back for the Job offer.

    but until now, August 24, they were’nt call me back. I tried to call them this morning, HR assistant answered, telling me that they were not yet still given a go signal by their HR manager.

    i asked them if the positon is still vacant and then they told me that ‘”dont worry, it is still vacant, just keep you lines open, will give you a call”

    it is almost 1 month that i am waiting
    i dont know what to do. i became depressed. i dont have job.

    hope you give me advice.


    • Raine,

      This happens a lot. Hiring is a process inside companies — and just because they have an interview doesn’t mean they have a green light to make an offer.

      I recommend you double up your job search and apply to more opportunities as you wait to hear back. In the interim, explore temporary opportunities as well. This will help you feel more in control and expand your access to opportunities.

      Good luck,

      • Hi Work Coach,

        So more or less, I really dont get the job? Can I have another questions? can you tell me an example of hiring process and how long in each steps?

        and why do HR make you believe that you have it? and all you can do is to wait for they call?

        Thank you so much! Chandlee you really make me feel at ease :)


        • Raine,

          I can’t tell you whether or not you got the job as I am not involved in the company. The length of hiring processes vary by company — there is no one set rule. Companies need to be able to discuss the job as if you were taking it during the interview so you have all the information you need to make a decision — if they offer it to you.

          You can do more than wait for them to call, you can also apply for additional opportunities as you wait to hear back.

          Good luck and all the best,

  7. Hi Work Coach,

    An acquaintance of mine starting talking back in June how she’d like me to come work for her. She said she’d have residential manager call me to set up an interview. It took several weeks for her to call. The interview was very informal, basically her telling me about the program and where she thought I’d fit. She sent me for fingerprints that day (a Friday). By Monday mid day they said they couldn’t get hold of one of my references and could they have another name. Later that week my friend said the fingerprints passed. The next Monday my friend said I’d been “approved” and her RM would call the next day. Nothing. That Friday (two weeks after the interview) my friend said all they had left was figuring out my hours and that her assistant would call Monday.

    I sent the RM an email (she never answers her phone) and asked if there was any updates and she sent me this

    “Hi Kristin,

    Sorry for the delay. We do want to offer you the position I’m just waiting
    for the final paperwork from our Administration office. I will hopefully be
    able to officially offer you the position today or tomorrow.

    Thank you for your patience,


    That was on Tuesday, and I’ve heard nothing. Should I call/email again? Wait it out? Would it be going over her head to talk to my friend? Or do I just assume I have the job and wait patiently.

    Thanks in advance,


    • Kristin,

      Sit tight. It often takes a while for paperwork to go through, if you haven’t heard anything by next Wednesday, e-mail the woman who wrote you back and ask if they need any additional information.

      Good luck and all the best,

      • Thank you. Patience is a hard job!


        • Kristin,

          Yes, it is a hard job. But there’s another side of the coin that is rarely discussed. Accepting a job in haste that’s the wrong job, can make you repent at leisure!

          Hope you get the outcome you want and that the job is right for you.


    • Hi Kristin,
      Can you please share the outcome ? I am in a similar situation and got a pretty similar response from the hiring HR.

      Best regards


  8. Hello,

    I’ve recently been offered a job at a major global resourcing company. I’ve had the offer made verbally to me and have received an electronic copy to my email account. After I received the contract via email a representative from HR told me that they are now waiting for it to be signed off and it could take some time because most members on the team are on holiday and that I should hold of handing in my resignation with my current employer just to be on the safe side. Once this has been approved they will then send me the contract and paperwork via post.

    I found that strange because I would’ve thought the job role got approved before HR advertised it on the company website. Is this a normal procedure to go through?

    It’s been 3 working days now since I last heard from the HR rep, hopefully they will get back to me soon.


    • Also, why did they send me an electronic version of the contract when it’s still waiting to be signed off?

      Surely they would wait for the role to be signed off before sending out an employment contract.

      Either HR is super confident that it will get approved or someone made a mistake in emailing me the contract


      • Jazz,

        We can’t tell you what’s going on inside the company as we are not privy to that information. What I can tell you is that hiring can be very complicated — it takes time and multiple sign-offs and background checks. Often employers let you know early that you are the candidate they want to hire — so they can ensure you are still interested — before they jump through the final hoops to make it happen.

        I recommend patience — hand in there.

        All the Best,

    • Jazz,

      How frustrating.

      Hiring close to Holiday weekends is hard. In fact, it’s often notoriously difficult for things to move forward inside companies when so many employees are taking vacation, so I would not worry too much on that end. If you don’t hear by Wednesday, follow up with them with a phone call. Don’t leave a voicemail or email as you don’t want to play the waiting game again after you leave a message.

      Good luck and keep us posted.

      All the Best,

      • Hi Chandlee,
        Thank for you for the advice.
        I’ll provide an update from last week. I spoke to my manager on Friday and she’s not sure what the status is because she’s just come back from a 2 week vacation but then mentioned she will follow up with HR.
        HR emailed me shortly after saying that they’re still awaiting approval and that all is positive and a delay like this is not unusual.
        So I guess I’ll just have to wait now, it’s been 2 weeks since they verbally offered me the job but I guess I just have to be patient.

  9. Hello

    I got a call from the recruitment agency to tell me that there was a job opportunity at a mine, he explained it to me then i told him i was interested, he interview me and it went well cause on the 27 August 2012 i went for an interview at the head office it seemed like they liked me, on the 28 August they called me to ask for my particulars (my qualifications, pay slip etc) so i sent them, on the 29 August apparently the called my ex boss as reference and he was singing praises about me so again it went well.

    So i called the agent asking him of the outcome and he said its a 80/20 chance i got the job so then on the 5 August i called him he said that they still negotiating on the offer because the they dint agree on the offer they had so they went back to revise it, now he said they liked me, and as soon as he receive the offer he will send it to me to sign……. so i want to know did i get the job……..i am currently working but i am going out of my mind with curiosity i am so excited about changing jobs

    • Tiisetso,

      We can’t possibly tell you if you got the job since we don’t know where you’ve interviewed and aren’t in touch with the company (this also isn’t something we do.)

      But we will keep our fingers crossed and wish you the best of luck in the interim.

      Good luck,

  10. Hello,

    I just recently graduated from college so I’m not sure how the hiring process works normally. I have gone through multiple interviews with a company and I was told about one month ago verbally that they were gong to go forward with approvals and that they hoped to have an offer out about three weeks ago. They then meet with the head of HR and they were told that they wouldn’t have an offer ready until after the quarter ended. I emailed the Tuesday after the quarter ended and they hadn’t gotten the approvals from HR yet and they said they would let me know as soon as they did. I just recently saw that the position had been re-posted, it was re-posted before I received the previous email, should I be concerned?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Alyssa,

      It sounds like you are working with a big company. Often the right hand knows not what the left hand is doing as their are multiple employees involved with one hiring process. That said, I’d encourage you to seek out other opportunities as you wait to hear back…

      Good luck and all the best,

  11. My fiance has had a job interview four weeks to the day for a large company. They called him last Wednesday and said he was on a short list and deciding over the weekend. It’s Tuesday and we have not heard back. Is it possible the decision is taking longer? Would they call and say that you are on a short list if they didn’t want to hire you. The waiting is killing me. I keep praying for this wonderful op. We are both a pack of nerves wondering why they would have called.

    Any words of wisdom would be great! Trying to keep the hope alive.


    • Nathalie,

      Keep the hope alive. Always takes longer on the other side, too. Trust me, I’ve been there. But keep looking at other opportunities, too. Always good to have multiple options.

      Good luck to both of you,

      • Yes! He has been applying to everything he can. In your opinion… would all the ppl on the short list after the phone and first interviews get a call back to say they are on a short list? Or does this just happen to the candidate they are after? The call to say he was on a short list came 3 weeks after his interview. It’s now been 4 weeks and nothing yet.


        • Nathalie,

          Don’t know what to tell you as I am not in the company and don’t have access to the information. All I can tell you is that he should be the person to follow up — not you.


          • He got the offer. I was just curious because I was a little anxious with the waiting game. Not like I would call the company on his behalf. LOL


          • Natalie,

            How wonderful! Congratulations to the both of you — I know it has been a long process!

            All the Best,

  12. I have had an offer after two interviews. The offer came by email on Tuesday. I was told that she would email me her written offer the following day. By 5:00 p.m. I had not received anything and I called her office to see if I could just get a start date, so I could wrap things up with my current employer. I had to leave a message with the receptionist. She never returned my call.

    I don’t want to be pussy but I really need a start date. WHen and how should I contact her again?

    • Hi Vanessa,

      I recommend calling again on Friday; hopefully you will hear from them before then.

      All the Best,

    • i attended an interview with one of the big engineering company in JHB. Everthing went well and the hiring manager liked me. it was toward the end of december and people were already takign leaves. so i was told that the MD is going on leave so everything will be done when he comes back in january, i called again on the 14 of January and i was told that he is still on leave, he will be back a week later, i called again and he was still not back, according to the person who interviewed me, the MD is holding everything and they cant do anything without him, but they have asked me about my availability and i told them that it should be on the 1st of February and they said its fine. i have already resigned with my current empolyer and i havent signed any contract with them, they only send me the application of employment to fill in in a meantime we still waiting fro the MD. are there any chances that i cant get a job?

      • Lerato,

        Unfortunately, I can’t speak for the employer – and certainly we are not privy to what happens inside companies. As you’ve followed up a couple of times, I’d recommend you sit tight and wait to hear back. In the meantime, continue to apply for other jobs as well. In general — and in the future — we don’t recommend resigning one position until you have been offered another one in writing, and accepted it.

        Good luck and keep us posted,

  13. Work Coach:

    I found a company I was VERY interested in working for a few weeks ago, submitted my information through their website for a position I thought was PERFECT for me. Heard from the HR rep two days later, who scheduled a time for me to have a preliminary phone interview with her. That interview went well, I followed up with her three days later via email to ask additional questions and reiterate my interest. No response from her for almost a week, when I received a reply, it was not answering any of my questions, but to schedule another phone interview with the department head and hiring manager. After that interview, I thought my salary requirements might have been a bit too high for them, but was assured one of them would get back to me before the end of the week, interview was Tuesday. I heard nothing from them for two weeks, though I had sent the standard “Thank You” for the interview cards. So at the time I assumed I had not been offered the position. Then, I received an email from the the hiring manager to schedule a call with him, which we set for the next day. On this call, last Thursday, I was told they both were very impressed with me, and if I was still interested, they wanted to offer me the position, and that in a day or two they (HR person, Hiring Manager, Department Head) would formalize the offer and I’d have 5 days to accept/reject. This is now Tuesday, 6 days later (counting the weekend and Veterans Day). I’m not sure whether I should wait out the process to occur, or to contact them again, and if I contact them again, I’m not even sure what to say.

    How do you approach this situation without seeming like you are pressuring them to send you an official offer letter with the financials, but also without seeming uninterested in the position for lack of a reply. And who should the contact be addressed to?

    Thanks for any help,


    • Omar,

      I recommend giving them a call next week and asking if they need any additional information. Reiterate your interest in the position.

      Good luck and hang in there.

      All the Best,

  14. Dear Work Coach,

    I am seriously concerned. I went through this crazy interview process with a company I am very interested in. I did FOUR interviews with them and also I had to give them my input on how all of them went. That day that I had spoken to my future boss, she offered me the job. That was on October 30th. I had emailed her a week later to inquire about when orientation/training starts, and she said that I would know by the beginning of next week(That email was sent Nov 6.) It is now November 15th and I still haven’t got word. Should I be concerned? I had to resign from my last job last week due to reasons I cannot control(our apartment went through some serious flooding damage). I have had a company hire me before and then not call me in for orientation two months later(I had moved on on course), but I don’t want this to happen with this job, i’m very interested! Help would be appreciated.


    • Stacey,

      Call early next week and see if you can speak to her directly. If you can help it, don’t leave a message — speak to her directly. Be gentle, express your continued interest and offer to provide additional information if they need it.

      Good luck and all the best,

      • Chandlee,

        Thank you so much. I called her today and finally got my start date. She was pleased that I was still interested in the position. Sometimes people may need a little push to remind them that you’re still around. I start December 10th and I got my official offer letter:)

  15. Hi

    On Nov 4, I went in for an interview with the hiring manager. At the end of the one hour, the hiring manager stated, that I am the person they were looking for the job and that he would send me a JD and a contract in the next couple of days. I sent me a thank you note on the 7th of November. He responded on the 11th of November, stating that he was very busy and that he will proceed with crafting out the exact JD and contract for more details. Its been 8 days since that note and I am still waiting. Should I follow up with the hiring manager? I dont want to sound desperate.

    • Dear A. Ali,

      I would wait on an offer letter before you call this official. Given that this is a short week for many people; I recommend waiting it out for one more week — then see what happens!

      Good luck and all the best,

      • Hi Chandlee,

        I did get a response from the hiring manager and he sent me a detailed job description about the position. He did indicate a ‘negotiable’ remuneration salary number. And asked me to share my thoughts. Although I was OK with the job description, I was not OK with the salary number. I believe it was a ‘low ball’ offer. I did respond to him politely and mentioned diplomatically that the number was low. Now this was a week ago. I believe the salary number should be 50% more than what was indicated in the job description. I have not heard back and am contemplating a phone call. Should I go ahead with calling him or should I wait?

        • If you haven’t heard from him by Tuesday I recommend giving him a call and following up. In general, you want to avoid discussing salary over email — negotiation is tricky and can be better done via phone or in-person.

          Good luck, keep us posted, and all the best,

          • Hi Chandlee,

            I finally got my contract today. I was able to renegotiate my salary to the level I wanted. Boy was this a game a patience! as they say, patience is a virtue

  16. hello
    i got the the job offer on 11th of jan, they said they gonna email me the paper works straight away and its been 5 days now, havent heard or receive anything, i think it may take some time but should i call them or email them. because i really want to know whats going on and all the waiting is driving me crazy.

  17. Hi Work Coach.

    I have applied for a job. I went for interview and medical check up. I passed all the test. I have received job offer letter which i have signed and sent back to company(the start date, is depend on my visa as well because I need to relocate to other country).

    The problem is, I am waiting for a job contract. and it is almost 2 weeks and it never arrives. I am start to worry that perhaps they have ruled me out or they just find another candidate.

    I keep contact my agency everyweek, but they said that: so far they haven’t received any news from company.

    I am torn and in dilema.

    Please advice.



    • Hi Justin,

      If you are working through an agency and have a job offer from a client of that agency, it might be best — if you are allowed to do so — to contact the company directly and see where things are as opposed to your offer and move date. When you do follow-up, ask if they require additional information from you. Hiring can be a tricky process, make sure you all have the information you need to move forward.

      Good luck and all the best,

  18. Hello,

    My husband and I recently relocated about 1000 miles on a verbal offer. I know that seems crazy but we have family here and wanted to get back to the area. The senior director of the firm and other staff were extremely excited to have my husband on their team and wanted us to move as soon as we could. They literally said “How soon can you get here?” So we moved. We packed up our stuff in 3 days and moved across the country. However, when we arrived, they pushed back his start date because of “pending HR documents”. It has now been two weeks since the verbal offer. Also, the senior director has not responded to an email sent on Tuesday and voicemail on Thursday. We find this very odd and are starting to get concerned. Today, the department posted a new administrative assistant position. What would you suggest we do? Should he contact the senior director’s boss to maybe see whats going on and if everything is ok? Should he keep calling? We are trying not to be annoying but feel we are being left in the dark after making some huge sacrifices by moving so far and very quickly. Should we be worried?

    Thank you,

    • Hi Shannon,

      That’s a tough one. It sounds like you are in a waiting phase, and there’s not much you can do about it. If they know you are now in the area, you will hopefully see them soon. Worse case scenario if your husband hasn’t heard from them in another week – go to the organization and ask to meet with the hiring manager or HR rep.

      (It’s not uncommon for voice mails and e-mails to get lost in a company queue so don’t give up entirely.)

      In the interim, you may want to both look for other positions as you wait to hear back. Sometimes situations beyond anyone’s control happen after an offer is extended.

      Good luck and all the best,

  19. Hi Work Coach,

    Last Thursday, I went for an interview for a large firm that specializes in town planning, development and architectural consultancy. The interview went better than I’ve expected, and the persons who interviewed me says they definately need people like me, and that I would get the job. They even explained to me the title of the position I’d get – “associate architect”. Asked me about my salary expectations, told me about their leave benefits, bonuses, etc. The interview lasted an hour. They said they would get back to me, but didn’t mention the timeline.

    As for the starting date of work, I have them two months from the date of interview, as I told them that I had commitment overseas and won’t be able to return until 2 months from the date of interview. ( I actually flew in for the interview only)

    It is exactly a week now, and I haven’t heard from them. Not that I’m desperate to start work immediately, but I’d like to know the outcome so that I could plan my trip back, etc.

    Do you think the delay of start date would cause them to rethink their verbal offer at the interview? Or are they playing the waiting game with me because I’m available only after 2 months, and they seeking to employ other applications who are available immediately?
    By the way, their website advertise this position all year round…so i think they are constantly hiring people to fill in similar positions.

    I appreciate your advice. Thank you.

    • I wouldn’t think too much into it. All things considered, a week is not a long time to wait.

      Most employers interview more than one candidate for any position. And interviews and hiring decisions are made in part because of that schedule. You need to wait for everyone who was scheduled before you came into the office to finish. To look at the situation from another perspective, how would you feel if people responded, “We are going to cancel your interview because we liked someone we met this morning and we don’t need to interview again.”

      Never take a verbal offer as a concrete offer…it’s dangerous as things often shift around in companies behind closed doors as budgets change and departments get re-organized.

      I’d recommend being patient, and also continuing to look other places in the interim.

      Good luck and all the best,

  20. Hi Work Coach,

    Good Day.

    Last week I attended an interview and the following day the HR called me to say that i passed the interview and send me a compensation and benefits declaration to be filled out for their reference of salary offer. But since then I haven’t received any update from them. What should I do? It is okay to follow up for the job offer?


    • Hi Ryan,

      You can certainly follow-up with them. I’d recommend calling them mid-to-late next week if you haven’t heard from them. Let them know of your continued interest in the position and ask whether they need additional information.

      Good luck and all the best,

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