Stuck in the Waiting Game After 2nd Interview

Dear Work Coach,

I am from Taiwan and found your website by google. My background is engineering, and I focus my job hunting on those positions in the high-tech industry. Currently I stuck in the waiting game after my 2nd interview. My situation is like this.

I went to the 2nd interview of a large high-tech company on April 17, and I wrote thank you note and follow-up letters after the interview to all the interviewer, but I did not hear anything from them over the past month. Therefore, I called HR last Monday for their decision.

She responded my job application is getting approval, but she does not know which candidate would be selected (It sounds weird). She assumed the approval process would be done by the end of last week and would give me call.

Until now, I still have not received her call. Is there still hope to get this job? I am very desperate for this job, cuz it is what I really want. Could you give me some opinions?

Thank many for your help.

Taipei, Taiwan


Dear VL,

So glad you found my blog. Welcome. I love having guests from other parts of the world. I’ll try my best to help you.

There’s no way for me to know for sure what they are thinking, but as of this moment, there is still hope. Sometimes, after a second interview,  companies need to run your application through a variety of processes before they can even consider an offer, and those processes can take a long time. It sounds like you are one of several candidates, but she gave you no clue as to whether you’re the number one choice as of this moment.

All you can do right now is wait and think positively. (It never hurts.) Even if you aren’t number one, the person who they offer it to may already have another job or may say no. So many possibilities. But without a crystal ball, I can only tell you…there is still a chance – even though it’s past the deadline she gave you.

I wish you much luck, VL, and hope you do get this job. But just in case you don’t, take that positive energy and don’t give up until you get the job you want!

Good luck! Please let us know what happens.

Ronnie Ann

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Ronnie Ann, founder of Work Coach Cafe, bases her real-world advice on her many years as an organizational consultant where she helped interview and hire people, added to a certificate from NYU in Career Planning & Development and her own adventures as a serial job seeker. She can also be found on her new blog, and on Google+.


  1. Hi Chanlee,
    I wrote last week to you. Well, 1 position of the 2 has been filled. I have a feeling I am no longer being considered because I was willing to take a 15k paycut for this job. That is hurting my chances, as I was in a hiring mgr position and if the job paid $15 per hr and a candidate previously made 50k I wouldn’t even consider them. Guess I should be thankful I was considered. Anyways. I have 2 interviews scheduled. today and 1 next week. Next weeks interview would be more money, and a former coworker of mine who was recruited by them first, referred them to me. She is very big in my industry (multi-family housing)and I started her in the business 12 yrs ago. She gave me a glowing reference. Turns out, another ex employee of mine works there, and he too gave me a glowing reference. Also co-worker 1 knows the vice president of the company and sent her an email. They are flying in to meet me next Thursday as co worker #2 told them they better “grab me before its too late” Maybe the stars are aligning here finally!! advice to others-I know firsthand that obviously some salary is better than no salary..but it would probably be in your favor to apply for postions that are similar to what you were making before. Chanlee-what is your opinion on this? Good luck to everyone on here..;-) Mia

    • Mia,

      One thing to consider — and that is rarely discussed here and on other sites — is that there are often many more candidates than you for any one position. Frequently, a hiring decision does not hinge on what you have done or said you need to make or any one particular factor over another — but simply a candidate who has more direct experience in an area than another.

      The rule of thumb on salary is to not talk first if you can possibly help it. Ideally, you want the employer to start with the offer. Don’t sell yourself short, but don’t oversell yourself either…

      Your opportunity this week sounds good…Good luck with the interview process and keep us posted.

      All the best,

  2. I’ve been in the process with a company for a few weeks. I had a phone interview with them about three weeks ago, drive 6 hours for a in person interview the next week, and submitted a requested writing sample this past Monday. In the interview, they said they would be wrapping up the process the middle of this week, but I have yet to hear anything from them one way or another. This leaves me with two questions:

    (1) Should I e-mail expressing my renewed interest and asking for an updated timeline to their process, or is it still too soon?

    (2) The company for which I work now has mentioned allowing me the opportunity to test into a high position early. However, because I am normally the one who checks applicant tests, they would have to write a whole new test for me. I REALLY want the job that I interviewed for. Should I ask to test early, or should I wait, knowing that if I get the other job, I will have asked them to create a test for me for nothing?

  3. I had my second interview last week and feel it went really well. I had to interview with 4 different people and it took about an hour and a half. The general counsel did a thumbs up behind my head when he dropped me off with someone else after he interviewed me and she did thumbs up back. I’m sure I was not Suisse to notice but I did. Now I am totally stressed out because both interviews went so so well but have not heard back. I sent a thank you email to the human resource person as I did not have the other information. He said he was out if the office but would be back the next day and see where we were. No word but trying to stay calm. Does the thumbs up sound osirive or did it just give me a false sense of security???? Thank you! Cheryl

    • Cheryl,

      That sounds like positive body language, and it sounds like you followed up appropriately. Given that they also likely have other applicants, keep you your job search until you receive and accept a written job offer for this position.

      Good luck!


  4. Hi Chandlee,
    I am in need of advise on follow-up after a second interview. I have been in the interview process as of 3/11/13 for 2 months now. The first interview went extremely well, and the second interview was less formal yet went even better.
    After the interview was over I was told to expect a call from the HR manager by the end of the week. This was a Monday night. 2/11. I immediately sent my thank-you notes and stated a few things we spoke of in the interview and re-interated by excitement and readiness to the chaellenges that were presented.
    After a week and a half with no response I reached out to the HR manager, no response another week passed, I reached out to the Hiring Manager, no response.

    Then on 2/28 I recieved a one sentence email from the HR Manager apologzing for her late response offering that they were indeed wrapping of the interview in the upcoming week and that she would contact me the next week. (week of 3/4) That week has come and gone no response.

    Should Ionce more contact the HR manager and if so, should I call or email??? what do I say?


    • chandlee says:


      I recommend contacting the HR Manager, reminding them of your continued interest in the job — and asking them if they need anymore additional information.

      You can email or call — it’s up to you. I recommend following up on a Tuesday as it is generally the most productive day of the week.

      Good luck and all the very best,

  5. Hi work coach cafe,
    I live in Australia. My situation is this. I was approached by a customer at my current workplace a couple of months ago about a potential job offer. This customer approached me again a couple of weeks ago with a business card. I am a retail manager and the position is for a well known car dealership franchise. I had my first interview on a Friday and immediately I was phoned after to schedule a second interview with a different manager for the Monday (which was last Monday) at my second interview it was said to me that the first interviewer wanted me for the job and that they would have a meeting and if I was successful they would need to have a meeting with the board
    (Owners) at the end of the interview I was told they would definately be in touch with me soon. He was also quite laid back, so I don’t take this as bad. I didn’t send follow up notes because I had never heard of doing so. It has now been a week since my second interview and I still haven’t heard anything. I am wondering if I should give a follow up phone call or not? And if so would I phone the first interviewer ( the one that wants me for the position) or the second interviewer
    ( the laid back one) and if so, how long till I should call?? Any insight would be great.

    Thank you,


    • Hi Natalie,

      Since this is a sales job, you could treat this as an opportunity to show them your selling skills and act as you would if they were prospects considering making a purchase. It’s probably not too late to send follow up notes, reiterating your interest.

      This might be a test, or it could be that they are so laid back that “soon” is April. For a non-sales job, I would recommend waiting until a couple of weeks had passed before calling them. Do what feels right to you.

      Good luck with your job search!

  6. Dear Work Coach,
    I follow your blog for a while now and I think you have a great knowledge about hiring processes.
    I would like to hear your opinion about my situation:
    On February 19th, 2013 I had first in-person interview at a large financial company. It went really well because they contacted me two days later in order to schedule an interview with CFO. On February 25th, 2013 I had that second interview. It is really hard to say if it went good or not. It was going to take about 25 minutes and we were talking about 45 minutes. I think the CFO liked me, he even said that I remind him of himself because I have similar approach to accounting (I know ..that doesn’t mean I will get that job :-) ). At the very beginning of the second interview, both people HR and CFO told me that I am the first candidate and they will have to interview more people which will take approx 2 weeks from which they will choose 2 top candidates for the 3rd interview. Of course after each interview I sent thank you emails to each person, and I received thank you email from CFO.
    After three weeks I did not have any news so I decided nicely remind them about myself by sending follow up email (short one to HR on March 8th) and again expressed my interest. I received response from HR that they are still in the interview process and that they should know more at the end of the following week (March 15th). Now, it has been almost 3 weeks after that follow up and I did not receive any news. Do you think I can still have a chance or not? Please tell me your opinion.
    Of course I am looking for another opportunities but that is my DREAM job :)
    Thank You,

    • Hi Anna,

      It sounds like you are doing all the right things at the right times, and it sounds like this is going well for you.

      Since tomorrow will be 3 weeks since your last contact, it is appropriate for you to reach out again to see what is happening. Many things can de-rail schedules, but it’s good to let them know that you are still interested and available.

      Excellent that you are looking for other opportunities. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you on this one. Stay in touch.

      Good luck with your job search!

  7. Hi,

    I first discovered your blog back in 2008 after interviewing for my “dream job.” Well, I found your site and advice to be very helpful. Shortly after, I received a call back with a job offer. A few years later, I was back in the waiting game after interviewing for my “dream” “dream job.” And while that didn’t pan out, I didn’t quit and again was offered a similar position at a comparable organization. So here I am again.. I just finished a final interview at an ideal location — and really this time — THE dream job. And again, I have yet to hear back. It’s hard to tell how the interview went. I know I missed some key points, but other portions of the interview — involving passion and commitment for the job — I know I aced. The main interviewer and I delved off topic for a bit, but there was a connection that makes me think I would be a great fit for the office and organization. However, I can’t help but think how I majorly messed up the practical portion.

    I want to send thank you cards but am not sure how to address the mistakes I made without highlighting them. Any advice would help… and some pixie dust, please =)


    • Susan P. Joyce says:

      Hi Tara,

      Yes, it is definitely possible to fill in those places where you feel your answer was inadequate in your follow up thank you note, and it is probably a good idea if you are concerned now.

      Don’t say that your answer in the interview was inadequate. Introduce the subject by writing something like, “Upon further consideration, I would like to add that…” or “In addition, let me clarify my comments about…”

      Hope that qualified as “pixie dust” :-)

      Good luck with your job search!

  8. Dear Work Coach

    I am browsing and finally ended in your site. And I found it really helpful especially during this time for me. I just finished my job interview from Dubai, and when my prospect employer ask me if I have any questions for him, I responded Yes, and I ask him If I got the job, when will it possible for me to come? he said the Hotel will be opening by September and we want you by August 4. And then he even told me that he will send me the site for our accommodation so I could see it for myself.. Now I’m totally confuse If I got the job or not? He even said that he will still do some local interviews there but he will think of me in a day or two and will definitely hear from him…. I’m totally in agony… but I did send him a Thank you email, thanking him for the opportunity and says that I’m enthusiastic with my profession and would see that I had the opportunity to expand my knowledge and experience with the support of the company’s trainings. – Thank you Work Coach.. – Lileth

    • Susan P. Joyce says:

      Hi Lileth,

      I’m sorry to say that I am unfamiliar with the etiquette and employer practices in Dubai.

      However, my guess is that you do not yet have the job, but are high on the list of candidates. So stay in touch, carefully and not too often, to see waht happens.

      Good luck with your job search!

  9. hi i was browsing for answers to my current situation and i came across this site i went for job interview last week monday it seemed to have gone well the lady who conducted the interview told me she would get back to me in two days to let me know i waited till thursday and got no call back so i called the HR department who told me they would get someone to call me back same day but i never got a call back so i waited till monday and i tried to call the lady who took the interview i was told that she was not at her desk and had just stepped out for a couple of minutes and she would call me back as soon as she gets in i waited the whole day and never got a call back i am not sure what to do now i dont want to do now this is my second attempt in getting into this company i tried 3 years ago and the called me back the next day to tell me i did not get through 3 years on and i am trying again but this time no one is calling me back what should i do

    • Susan P. Joyce says:

      Hi Rutsky,

      Things could be going better this time than 3 years ago, or it could be simply that the woman you spoke with does not close the loop. My guess is that she doesn’t have an answer for you yet, so she isn’t responding.

      If you know someone who works for this employer, ask them to see if they can find out what is going on with this job.

      Call on a weekly basis until you get an answer, and keep looking for a job elsewhere. Don’t wait for this one to come through for you.

      Good luck with your job search!

  10. Hi… I would like to ask if what do you think would be the status of my job application. I received a call from the HR staff for an interview after the 8th business days of my online application… I think it did very well.. The HR staff told me that she will just informed me for my next interview after the thorough review of my resume/application…After 2 business days I had a call from the HR staff for my next interview to the department manager… I think it also did very well… After my interview with the manager he told me to wait for a while to have another interview to their vice president… I waited for about 20 minutes because the VP has an ongoing meeting… because he think I will be waiting for too long he just informed me that he will just get back to me… and now is the 9th business days of waiting… Do I need to follow up the HR staff about what the manager told me? or I’ll just leave it behind and just wait for their call…
    I remembered, the HR staff just informed that I will be having a 1 interview…but then I was surprised that the manager told me that there will be another interview…

  11. VANESSA_E says:

    Hello there!

    I have read the previous comments and they seem to be helpful. But, I would love to know you opinion on my situation. I had an interview that took almost 2 hours with the Head of Design of the company a little over two weeks ago, received great feedback and right away gave me a project to do on-the-spot. (where normally, they would send the candidate home to work on the project and present it at the 2nd interview) I received great feedback with the project and was asked to come for a second interview – a tour of the new design building office – the next day (which was informal). The Interviewer made the time in his busy schedule to see me the next day just to take me on a quick tour of the new design building and he has stated that I’m the first person that get to see the new office location – which I thought was a very good sign ? He said I am very qualified and if it was up to him, he would def hire me. But, he needs to run my resume to the owner/boss of the company first that night and will contact me within a couple of days after interviewing more people. Note that, he also asked me when can I start. I have sent him a Thank You/Follow up letter within 48 hours after the 2nd interview. I have NOT heard from him that weekend. After little over a week (Friday), I decided to give him a follow-up/status update call, he immediately picked up and sounded super busy and he apologized for not following up nor reading his emails as he just got back in town and was very busy. I have been told that he will then respond to my email by Monday. – which I thought was also a good sign since he did answer the call right away and made the time in his busy schedule and I have not received any messages that I did NOT get the position. I have NOT received any calls or emails since the last time we spoke on the phone.

    Now, it has been a little over two weeks since the initial interview. I am still patiently waiting for a response this week. The position is still available which gives me faith that I still have a chance to get the offer. I plan to giving him a call back within 48 hours just to follow up on the status of my interview and If I am still being considered. Any recommendations on what I should do? Should I also send an email to the recruiter or directly to the person who interviewed me (who I’ve been talking to the whole time) ? or should I just stick to my initial plan of a call follow-up? Should I give up on waiting?

    Any opinions and recommendations would help. Thank you for your time and looking forward!


    • Susan P. Joyce says:

      Hi Vanessa,

      Two things stand out to me from your narrative: (1) this fellow is not the sole decision maker on the situation and (2) he sounds extremely busy, with travel, etc.

      It does sound like you have a strong advocate in this fellow, but he needs to convince someone else (maybe several someones) that you are the person to hire. I would expect that those others would need a chance to speak with you before you receive an offer.

      I would stay in touch with the recruiter most frequently – they will have some idea of what is going on, hopefully a good idea. Then, every week or two, reach out to this manager to see what is going on. It sounds to me like you need to be careful not to be a nuisance while still reminding him of your presence and interest – a tight wire walk.

      Keep job hunting! Don’t wait for this one to happen.

      Good luck with your job search!

  12. Hello,

    I would like to know opinion on my situation- a month ago I had the first interview with somebody from a big Canadian company that is planning to open an office in my country. The interview went well, we were talking about many things and at the end of the interview he told me I had experience and educational background for that job and he considered me as a great candidate. He told me also that somebody else would come to check if selected candidates were the best fit for the company in their opinion.
    After 2 weeks I sent a follow up email and I didn’t get a response. More than a month past and I got an email – they called me for a 2d round interview. I talked with another person. The interview went well – he asked me more about the job and my previous technical experience checking my knowledge in that area. I forgot to mention that I could be maybe one of 2 persons who did the same job and applied for this one, although that company I worked in is not in a good relationship with this Canadian. At the end of the 2nd interview the interviewer told me they could see me in that offered position because of my knowledge and education and my communication skills. he was smiling and it seemed we were both relaxed during the interview Give me 2-3 weeks to end up the whole process – interviewer told me. He was really pleased I made a research and I came prepared for the interview and he repeated it a couple of times. As I understood they were planning to hire more people making a whole team.

    Now I am waiting. The only contact I have is that email I got from them since they haven’t opened the office in my country yet. I sent a thank you letter responding the invitation to the 2nd interview. The only thing I didn’t like is the time frame-is 3 weeks too much for a decision? and what to do if I do not get an answer within that 3 weeks? to send a follow up email to them using the same mail I got the invitation for the interview?

    I am highly interested in that position and I would really love if I got this job. What do you think about my chances ?

    Thank you for your time and looking forward!

  13. Hi,

    I am in a similar situation as everyone else. I went for an interview last week with a healthcare company and it went amazing. The HR director said that she would be contacting me on Wednesday of last week after her other interviews to set up my second interview. The HR director kept her word and indeed contacted me for a second interview with the Doctor whom I would be working closely with and the Chief administrator and also said she would begin my background check. The next week, I had my second interview with with them both which was two days ago, on Wednesday. After the interview the Chief Administrator said that they would be in contact with me. I have never interviewed for a position without getting the job on the spot so Im not sure how the process goes after the second interview…how long does it usually take for the employer to contact you? If you arent offered the job, do they notify you anyway or never contact you? Its only been two days since my second interview and already im super anxious…Should I give up hope?

    • Susan P. Joyce says:

      Hi Alicia,

      It can take several weeks to hear from the employer. Hopefully, by now they have been in contact with you.

      In the future, at the end of an the second interview, ask them about how many finalists they have, and when they expect to make a decision. Then add another week (or more) to the the decision date they tell you because many things can get in the way of making a quick decision – and the vast majority of those things that get in the way have nothing to do with you.

      Good luck with your job search!

  14. I have a question. I moved from one state to another.I had a interview in July of this year and then three weeks later the next month I was called for a second interview. The first interview was going well however at the end of the interview the interviewer said to me I bet you are hoping to get hired here. I thought that was not a good sign. At the second interview it was a different person. That person started out with explaining health benefits however in the middle of the interview she said some employers don’t want to hire out of towner’s because they think the out of towner’s are going to move back. I did not know what to think. So I left both interviews confused. At first I thought yes good signs then these two things were said and I don’t know why. This is the second week and I have not heard anything from the interviewer should I email the interviewer to find out the decision.

    • Dear Mindy,

      I read about your situation…
      Athought I have not much experience and I am in the similar situation I could say what I think -why not? I would write them and I’d ask them about the updates ! In my opinion that could not have negative effects…
      I wrote 5 days after they’d said they’d made the decision. and it went ok. Do not send more than one mail even if they do not answer, but one follow up email shows that you are still available and interested in that position.

      Hope this could be useful

      Good luck!

    • Susan P. Joyce says:

      Hi Mindy,

      It sounds like the first interview went fine – I hope you said that you were hoping to work there. It sounds like the person in the second interview was either looking for reassurance that you were interested in moving and looking forward to the new location. Or, possibly, warning you that being an out-of-towner could be a problem.

      I hope you sent thank you notes to both people.

      If this doesn’t work out for you, don’t lose confidence. The job interview process is quirky because, usually, none of the people involved are very good at it – including the interviewers.

      Keep looking!

      Good luck with your job search!

  15. I wrote some time ago about my situation…and now I really have some doubts!
    After a 2nd interview which went well I send a follow up email and they replayed that I was an excellent candidate and they would offer me a job once they were in position to do so. They mentioned mid to late September as a time frame for finishing important process. These are great news but… Should I follow up with them again since almost a month past? I know they are probably busy but I have some other job offer, although I prefer this job to that one recently offered to me.

    I would appreciate your opinions


    • Susan P. Joyce says:

      Hi Elen,

      Well, it sounds like this employer may not be able to move quickly enough for you. If you haven’t accepted the other job offer, if you haven’t heard from them, this week or early next week would be a good time to reach out to them to see what is going on with this job.

      Good luck with your job search!

  16. I just had my 2nd interview yesterday. I thought it went well. They told me they had one more 2nd interview next week, then they’d make their decision. After I send my Thank You notes, I am going to completely forget about it for at least a week. Whatever is meant to be, shall be. In the meantime, I will be sending my resume to other opportunities. So instead of worrying, I suggest keep sending your resume, you never know, something better might come up. Wait for no one, continue with your job search and dont get so set on that one job. I wasnt sure about my 1st interview, didnt even send a thank you note, and got the 2nd interview. So… You wont know until you have that offer. Continue on with life, keep moving along in your job search. Keep going with the positive energy and something will definately workout. Look at the interviews as a learning experience, when you leave, take notes of the questions they ask. This way, if you dont get that job, you’ll be so much better prepared for next interview.

    • Susan P. Joyce says:

      Great advice, Dawn!

      That’s what I wrote in this post – After the Interview: Keep Searching and Keep Interviewing.

      As the old saying goes, “it ain’t over ’til it’s over” and it’s not over until you have accepted a written job offer. Until you are holding that job offer in your hand, the smartest thing for you to do is to continue your job search.

      Good luck with your job search!

  17. Get this…..I had a phone interview with the hiring manager on Sept. 5th. He was so impressed that he invited me to a 2nd face-to-face interview on Sept. 19th. At first, he did not seem to take me serious because I was woman applying for a male dominant field. I really impressed him when I gave him a 30, 60, 90 day business plan for the position. We spent 2 hours of non-stop talking and getting to know each other. Towards the end he started going over benefits, company culture, and then asked me what were my salary expectations. He told me it was very delightful for speak with and that he would be in touch. I walked away thinking even though he was impressed I still think he had a problem with me being a woman. I didn’t hear anything from him in almost 2-1/2 weeks until he called to say he wanted to schedule me for an interview with his Director on Oct. 15th. I met with the Director for an hour talking about the position and my experiences. I felt the hiring manager prepared the Director about me because the director was so opened and relaxed. It was if I was there to get his stamp of approval. A week went by so I sent the hiring manager an email on Oct 23rd to let him know that I was still interested in the position and my interview with the director went very well. On Oct 24th he responded to my email thanking me for my patience. He said they were in the process of on-boarding a new HR Manager but in the meantime they were having to send all HR documentation to a sister-company. He said hopefully he would have some final details upon his return from a trip to their corporate office. It is now Nov 14th and I still have not heard anything from him. I am continuing to interview but I am concern that I may get another offer while I’m waiting for a response back. Do you think the hold up is with HR at their sister-company? If so, what do you think is going on behind the scene?

    • Susan P. Joyce says:

      Hi Kim,

      Well it sounds very promising, and continuing your job search is definitely the right thing for you to be doing!

      The problem could simply be corporate “administrivia” on their end. The larger the organization, the more processes and procedures to go through to make sure that everything is being done in accordance with policy and the right organizations are involved and have bought off on the new hire. All of that can take a great deal of time, particularly if someone important to the process is on vacation, business travel, dealing with a crisis, etc.

      You haven’t mentioned providing references and having had those checked, which is a little odd, but not unheard of. And, it doesn’t sound like you have done much discussion of salary and other details that can be very important decision points for you. But, that may be coming next or may be delayed by the lack of a current, local HR manager.

      Or, you could be right about their discomfort with working with a woman.

      If you receive an offer from another employer, that gives you the perfect opportunity to get back in touch with this employer and let them know you might not be available if they don’t send you an official offer.

      I think this will turn out fine for you, but keep the process going with other employers until this one comes through (or doesn’t).

      Good luck with your job search!

      • Thank you Susan for responding so quickly. The hiring manager had me to fill out an Application for Employment which had all my information, employment & salary history and references. He took it during my face-to-face interview with him. One of things I was concerned about was my salary history was very high for the position. I asked him if I was in the range of what the position pays and he said he didn’t know. So I figured I was way above what they were willing to pay. But, I thought since I met with the director they were probably willing to negotiate half-way. That may be another reason for the delay because the position itself did not require a college degree and now it does. So, I am still hopefully that part of their delay is maybe having to rewrite the job description to justify the pay. But I don’t know. Just hopeful thinking. I will let you know if it worked out. It’s a great opportunity.

        • Susan P. Joyce says:

          Thanks for the update, Kim. Sounds like things are progressing as well as they can, and, without having a spy on the inside to tell you what’s going on, it’s hard to know exactly what’s happening.

          So, keep up your job hunting, and I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.

          Good luck with your job search!

  18. Michelle says:

    Hello, I recently applied for a medical assistant position with a very large company.I was given a interview that went well, I also sent a thank you email for my interview four days later I received a call asking if I could come in as soon as possible to meet the new doctor. I did and was there in least then 1 hour The office manger informed me of a new position that was approved to fill (better then the orignal position)We talked,laughed,discuss hrs/wage and went over some of the job requirements as well as letting me know that the PA is still waiting on some forms to be approved for himself so he can start as well.Then I was introduced to the physician that is over the PA that I interviewed with, Then their office manger told me they will check my references/background (HR department)and call me which was 8 days ago including the weekend. Does this sound like a reason to be optimistic? How long should I wait before I get call from them? #nerveswreck

    • Susan P. Joyce says:

      Hi Michelle,

      It sounds promising, but until you hold a job offer in your hands, it’s not your job yet.

      I’d wait until 2 weeks had passed, and then get back in touch. Simply ask what is going on, and when they think that a decision will be made.

      Good luck with your job search!

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